Getting Adjusted to Guatemala

Posing in front of 2 volcanos and Lake Attilan.

This has been a very busy day for our group as we had to travel from Guatemala City to the mountains. We have settled in Panajachel, which is on Lake Attilan. This is a very peaceful and tranquil setting looking out across the water.

Relaxing by the pool on a pleasant afternoon!

We had a few members of our party who did not make it in time and are hoping to arrive  today due to the weather in Houston. It is a good thing we decided to fly through Miami, or we could have been caught in the same weather delays.

We are staying at  the Porto Hotel del Lago, which is a very serene hotel that overlooks the water. I have been told by one of the staff members, that they are buttering us up with relaxing days as Monday, we will start working. We can hardly wait.

Guatemala is a very beautiful country with large mountains and natural volcanos, many of which are considered active even though they have not erupted in about 100 years.

Boyd is diligent with packing school supplies to be delivered this week to students.

This evening, we put some packs together for the children we will be seeing this coming week. So far, it has been an amazing experience and is bound to be even better as we meet the students that are benefiting from this great program.

One response to “Getting Adjusted to Guatemala

  1. We are enjoying reading the blog and loving the pictures. It looks like you boys don’t have it too bad…yet! Make sure to rest up tomorrow, so you all will be ready to go on Monday.

    Have fun, and take care! We look forward to reading more.

    Ann, David and Rachel

    P.S. Tell Boyd David is working on getting a job.

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