Another Amazing day in Guatemala

Paxot Cooperative School

This morning, the groups split up as each group performed a textbook inauguration. We were considered the “valiente” group or “brave” group as we had the hardest journey to throughout the day. We traveled at least 45 minutes on dirt roads with hairpin turns and steep elevations. Most of the time, we had both the sharp curves and steep hill at the same time. I wouldn’t consider it the toughest ride of my life, but it was one of them. The staff even brought out the sick bags in the event they were needed. Of course, they were not as we are the tough group on this tour.

The Primary School children receive books

The principal at this school was very passionate about his students and their education. Several times, he mentioned that the students have a responsibility to use these tools to “get all of the juice” out of them. He added that he will personally take the responsibility to ensure that these tools will be used to their best. It is refreshing to hear a man take responsibility in advance.

Principal at Paxot Cooperative School

This principal showed both leadership in his school, but it appeared that the community held him in high regards. This is not the kind of leadership that can be faked, rather it is genuine and heartfelt. You could tell that he cares deeply for his students and community.

Ceremonial Dance to commemorate their heritage!

This is an amazing school and I am very happy that I survived the rough terrain to get to this school. They were very welcoming and so very warm. I cannot get over how much these people embrace us.

Chuchipaca Computer Center Inauguration

On Tuesday afternoon, both groups came together for the inauguration of the computer center at Chuchipaca school. This is a major event for them and many local officials and business representatives turned out for the celebration. CoEd has developed some relationships with local business who see the value in an educated workforce and have assisted with new computer centers.

I am finishing this entry this evening as Internet connection was spotty yesterday and it is the same here today. I may try to post some photos to Facebook, but I believe I will not attempt to blog until Friday evening, when I will be in Antigua, Guatemala.

You will not believe the experience we had today, so you will want to read the blog on Saturday.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this tour or the GLP.

One response to “Another Amazing day in Guatemala

  1. Steven and Terry:
    You guys are awesome! Clearly this adventure is impacting you and I look forward to hearing more stories. COED is a top notch organization and their passion is contagious. – Matthew Kane

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