Rotarian Dinner in Xela

On Thursday evening, we all had an opportunity to visit the homes of several local Rotarians in Xela. The local Rotary club in Xela is the host club for the GLP and as such, we annually dine with them while on this tour. This year, Terry and I joined Kathy Lowe and Casey Kerr, both from Ohio, as we visited a Rotarian’s home for dinner.

It was an amazing experience and a testament to the fact that no matter where you travel as a Rotarian, you have friends. This is one of the things that makes Rotary special. Strangers welcoming others because of similar beliefs and goals. Rotary’s mission is alive in all parts of the world. If you are interested in being a part of an organization that has this type of reach, you must consider Rotary. It is a one-of-a-kind organization.

As we arrived at our host home, we were offered a drink of our choice. Terry and I both had a scotch…or two before dinner. The conversation was interesting and compelling at the same time. I especially enjoyed speaking with Julia, the sister-in-law of our host Rotarian who is a widow and spent several years living in Madrid. We talked about Spain and the time my wife and I spent in Barcelona a couple of years ago. I had to bring out some of my pictures of Barcelona and she immediately recognized a Gaudi building.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Andrea, who is the granddaughter of one of the Rotarians in attendance. She is in college studying nutrition and hopes to come to the U.S. after college to continue her studies and possibly work here. Of course, Terry immediately offered his home for her to live while here. We both told her to remember one thing if she decides to move to the U.S.,…Raleigh, North Carolina. She was a very impressive young lady and her english was better than Terry’s.

At dinner, I had the opportunity to speak with an architecture who had spent time in Michigan several years ago. In fact, he mentioned that he was married there and honeymooned there. He said that he had visited Mackinaw City for his honeymoon, but the town was basically abandoned. He went on to say that his visit took place during the winter, which Mackinaw City and the island is very much tied to the summer vacation season.

We exchanged Rotary flags with our host before we returned to the hotel. After dinner, I had brought out my I-pad to show pictures and had to be nearly forced to leave as they were enjoying my photos.

These dinners with the Rotarians is worth the trip. Every time I have had the opportunity to meet other Rotarians while traveling, it has been a wonderful experience. I encourage you to travel for Rotary, if you are a Rotarian, as there is nothing like the experience of developing close friendships in a short period of time due to your shared connection to Rotary.

Even with the fellow North American Rotarians who participated in this trip, it became a situation where we developed very close relationships quickly.



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