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Guatemala Literacy Tour…A week of Exploration!

This video is just a sampling of the experiences of President Steven Nelson and Past President Terry Hutchens as they traveled to Guatemala last week. Filmed by Steven Nelson, it is not a perfect video and not perfectly edited. His limited knowledge of film and editing shows in this video.

One of the great things that both Steven and Terry took from this week in Guatemala is the abject poverty experienced in the rural parts of this country. We visited the home of one of the scholarship students and ten people lived in a two room brick home with limited electricity and of course, none of the amenities that we enjoy in the U.S. such as comfortable seating, television or computers. It was a real eye-opening experience.

We also took away the importance of sponsoring some of these children. Cooperative for Education has tripled the size of the scholarship program, beginning with this school year. It went from one school with about 80-100 students to three schools with as many as 300 students. The cost is minimal at only $840/year, but it includes a development program that helps these young people develop into leaders in their communities and country, while guaranteeing them a scholarship for six years to get them through Diversificado (which is similar to high school). A sponsorship does not commit you to sponsoring the entire time.

One of the success stories included the 22-year old Ancemla, who benefited from a scholarship when she entered Basico (7th grade). Both of her parents had less than a Primary education (1st-6th grades), and did not understand the need to extend an education beyond Basico. With the scholarship, she was able to finish Diversificado and it resulted in her accessing a career at a call center support center for a Canadian company. At 22, she earns four times the money her father does and she has been paying for her younger siblings to obtain a high school education.

What an amazing story? You too can help sponsor a student or get several of your friends to support one together. CoEd and the GLP are doing amazing work in this extremely poor country.

Speaking engagement to the Wendell Rotary Club

Guatamala Literacy Project

On Tuesday, I had the honor and privilege to speak to the Wendell Rotary Club concerning the Guatemala Literacy Project and my trip to Guatemala in February of this year. The members were very welcoming and warm as they opened up their meeting to my presentation.

There was several great questions about the program to include the tours. I want to thank Johnny Whitfield personally for having scheduling me to speak to his club. I think they are doing a great service to Wendell and hope they find it important to reach out to the Guatemala Literacy Project and support it in any way they can.

Thanks again and I look forward to having Johnny speak to our club in September about the Youth Exchange Program.

Last Chance for Triangle Uncorked

Today is the last day to buy your advanced tickets for the 4th Annual Triangle Uncorked that is being held at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Cary, North Carolina.

This is a great event that will have over 500 wines to taste and to purchase at the event for a discount. If you are a small business person wanting to network and market your business, it would be a great time to visit with your company colors and talk to others about your business while tasting the wines. You should not miss this great event.

All the proceeds go to benefit Frankie Lemmon school and the North Raleigh Rotary Club of Raleigh, NC. Please let me know if you are interested and need more information. Tickets can be purchase on Ticketmaster or at the door. COME AND ENJOY!!!